BTW works as your HR Business Partner, not HR Police

Employee Relations continues to be a challenge in the dealership environment.
BTW offers consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues. We assist in communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of the dealership’s policies and procedures.

Having good employee relations is crucial to every company, as when employees and managers share a positive relationship, employee engagement, productivity, motivation and morale are high.

Employees who get along with their their peers and managers have a better overall work experience. Happy employees work harder, produce better work, and ultimately keep the customer happy and the business of the dealership thriving.


Development and full service roll-out of customized employee handbook

Internal Investigations

Litigation Avoidance

Coaching for Managers on leadership, culture enhancement, grievance management and conflict resolution

Employee Engagement

Succession Planning


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